Centerfire Rifle

2018 Rifle Shoots

  • Sat Jun 23 Bench Rest
  • Sat Jun 30 Rattle Battle
  • Sun Jul 15 Rattle Battle
  • Sun Jul 29 Bench Rest
  • Sat Sept 8 Rattle Battle    

Military Rattle Battle Shoots

From the offhand position, shooters engage varied metallic targets from 100 to 225 yards. Four, timed 10 shot relays with a mandatory magazine change on each relay. Magazine fed military style rifles are the norm. Any optic.

Centerfire Bench Silhouette Shoots

Shooting from the bench, shooters engage small metal silhouettes from 100 to 325 yards. Any front rest is allowed, but rear of rifle must be supported by the shooter's body. Four, timed 10 shot relays. Single load. Any optic.

Timing, Costs, and Rules

All rifle shoots start at 9:00am.

No rifle shooting allowed during a Trap Shoot.

Prices for Centerfire Bench Silhouette and Military Rattle Battle shoots are $6.00 for a 40 round match.

Armor piercing ammunition and Magnum Calibers are not permitted.

Rifle Chairman

Marty Diehl: 530-256-2138